A 20-year-old G2P1 patient comes to see you at 17 weeks gestational age to review the results of her triple test done 1 week ago. You tell the patient that her MSAFP level is 2.0 MOM (singkatan dari Maternal Serum Alfa Feto Protein. MOM itu satuannya-Multiple of the Median. Nilai normal: 0.5-2.0 keterangan lebih lanjut klik disini,-Dev). The patient’s obstetrical history consists of a term vaginal delivery 2 years ago without complications. Which of the following is correct advice for your patient regarding how to proceed next?

a. Explain to the patient that the blood test is diagnostic of a neural tube defect and she should consult with a pediatric neurosurgeon as soon as possible

b. Tell the patient that the blood test result is most likely a false-positive result and she should repeat the test at 20 weeks

c. Refer the patient for an ultrasound to confirm dates

d. Offer the patient immediate chorionic villus sampling to obtain a fetal karyotype

e. Recommend to the patient that she undergo a cordocentesis to measure fetal serum AFP levels

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