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Friends are considering adopting from another country a “special needs” child. The family has few details, but the information they have received so far suggests the 4-year-old child has had surgery for an endocardial cushion defect, is short for his age, and had a history of what sounds like surgically repaired duodenal atresia at birth. You are suspicious this child may have which of the following syndromes?

a. Kleinfelter

b. Waardenberg

c. Marfan

d. Down

e. Turner

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During a routine well-child examination a 10-year-old girl reports that she has occasional headache, “racing heart,” abdominal pain, and dizziness. Her mother states that she has witnessed one of the episodes, which occurred during an outing at the mall, and reported the child to be pale and to have sweating as well. Other than some hypertension, she has a normal physical examination. Evaluation of this child is most likely to result in which of the following diagnoses?

a. Hysterical fainting spells

b. Pregnancy

c. Diabetes mellitus

d. Pheochromocytoma

e. Migraine headache

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The state laboratory calls your office telling you that a newborn infant, now 8 days old, has an elevated TSH and low T4 on his newborn screen. If this condition is left untreated, the infant is likely to demonstrate which of the following in the first few months of life?

a. Hyperreflexia

b. Hyperirritability

c. Diarrhea

d. Prolonged jaundice

e. Hyperphagia

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