After a recent suicide by one of his students, the local high school principal asks you to talk with teachers and students about adolescent suicide. Which of the statements is appropriate to include in the discussion?

  1. Girls tend to use more lethal means
  2. The number of attempted suicides is much higher among boys
  3. Those who are successful have a history of a prior attempt or prior serious suicidal ideation
  4. Inquiry by pediatricians, high school teachers, parents, or friends about suicidal thoughts precipitates the act
  5. The number of suicides in adolescents 10 to 19 years of age has decreased significantly since the 1950s

the answer is below…

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The answer is c, Those who are successful have a history of a prior attempt or prior serious suicidal ideation. [1-3]

Suicide among teenagers has increased steadily since 1950 and is now the third leading cause of adolescent death, following accidents and homicides. Suicide attempts occur more often in girls, but in all age groups males outnumber females in completed suicides because boys tend to use more lethal means, such as firearms, hanging, jumping, and inhalation of carbon monoxide. Most suicide attempters and completers (where history can be established) have a history of a prior attempt or prior serious suicidal ideation. Therefore, direct questioning of the adolescent about feelings of sadness, hopelessness, concerns about death, and thoughts of committing suicide is important. There are no data to indicate that such inquiry precipitates suicidal behavior.