You see a 42-year-old patient in your office who is now 5 weeks pregnant with her fifth baby. She is very concerned regarding the risk of Down syndrome because of her advanced maternal age. After extensive genetic counseling, she has decided to undergo a second-trimester amniocentesis to determine the karyotype of her fetus. You must obtain informed consent prior to the procedure. During your discussion you should tell the patient which of the following?

a. Transient leakage of amniotic fluid is common after amniocentesis so she should not be concerned if she notices a watery vaginal discharge for a few days

b. Chorioamnionitis, although an uncommon complication of amniocentesis, can be treated with broad spectrum oral antibiotics

c. Fetal loss rate after amniocentesis is around 5%

d. Amniocentesis has not been associated with fetal limb reduction defects

e. Karyotyping may not be possible as cell culture failure of the amniocytes occurs frequently

the answer is below…

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